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Johan van der Dong. Born 27 april 1962, artist, performer, poet.


Artist Johan van der Dong connects and is crossing disciplines within the Visual Arts, he is an artist who is able to act without old fashioned borders. He is always busy in thinking from out a different angle. In his works he often touches a large audicience  by introducing projects like P.O Box of God or the Hotline of God. This projects were largely known by a global audience because they became world news. The hotline of God was called for approximately 300.000 times. It was his most succesful project ever.

His world often affects people and their points of view on many social problems such as the position of religion in this time. A lot of questions about the daily use of rituals and symbols is triggering him in his art, all the time. Why do people have to use them in the way they do or did, why aren’t there efforts to change or alter specific rituals which are causing troubles is a question he asked himselves a lot. Why aren’t we solving modern problems in a way our society needs, why are we always looking fort he same answers. Its troubling him a lot. The Feet Washing on the Museumplein in Amsterdam is in example of how he tries to work. He was making interviews while washing up peoples feet in order to hear stories of them, affected by every day life and their cultural backgrounds.

His huge  love for the coasts, seascapes and shores of Europe and the wadden sea area in the Netherlands is another  prominent thing in the art he makes. He constantly tries to capture shores, being surprised by such beauty of mother earth and the way we are living in it. We as people have to preserve it, be careful with it, caring for its wonderful views. Life makes us reponsible to take care of all species who are living it. That thought is always ocurring on his mind when he draws a new piece of art, lets preserve.

Johan van der Dong was raised up in Hoogkerk Groningen, an industrial village in the neighbourhood of the city of Groningen. It was a village on the border of farming and having various  industries like a Sugar Factory. It makes him wonder how ordinary people are surviving this globalized world. He has made some movies about it. Also a project like the Empty Chair is seeking about answers containing how society matters in every day life

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About   Johan van der Dong (artist, Groningen, 27th of April 1962)

As an artist Van der Dong is always busy in creating things you’ve never thought off.  His( imaginary )world often touches the real  one in awakening people about certain matters such as religion. His work is all about the tolerance people should have about each other. He asks many questions  about the way people react on rituals and symbolism  they used  in daily life when set  in unusual  customs. In his work people are challenged to reconsider their thoughts about certain matters. In 2007 he offered  to wash the feet  of people curious as he was about the behaviour  they would give him. In last year’s  P.O.Box of Allah he washed the feet of  a Muslim  member of parliament  while talking about  the role of religion in modern society.  Lines of Dutch history were made up in relation of the integration of Muslims  in Dutch Society.  In his conceptual  work he often asks people to participate in it by explaining  the purpose of the project  in relation to our modern community.    An example of such a  project is his world famous concept  ‘The Hotline of God’ which got more than 350.000 calls from  all over the world. Very many languages where spoken in, on a voice in Dutch.  It was by all means his  most successful project ever.

Johan van der Dong is also known as an artist who is inspired  by subjects such as The Waddensea and human behavior. He painted in his own way with strange materials to let people know how  various  and wonderful our environment is  and can be wondering in how people can live their lifes



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